About US


The Midson Difference

You know what we love about our company? Every one of us comes to work every day to do something we love; we get to create spaces that leave a legacy for many years to come. We also get to work with people and do things that inspire them; it’s the most wonderful feeling. In fact, the fun part is trying to find out all the different ways, using different products and services we can come up with, to do that.

What’s really amazing is that it’s good for business. We work with some of the biggest companies and some much smaller, but our intention is that each and every one of them loves working with us.

Most of our Directors began their careers as carpenters, and have worked through their respective careers to run commercial organisations. Their comments on their chosen career path include:

  •  “I knew I wanted to be a builder from the age of 6”
  •  “Love creating a physical thing that can be appreciated for years to come”
  •  “It was all I ever wanted to be”
  •  “We enjoyed the practical jokes, ribbing and the friendship's formed on sites, whilst still getting the job done”
  •  “I really enjoyed outside work and especially having that year-round tan that the girls love”
  •  “Walking to primary school, I could smell freshly cut oregon timber from a house being built nearby and knew building was for me”

It’s clear to see that based on the comments above, the decision makers at Midson are builders to the core and are as passionate about their roles today, as they were when they first embarked on their careers.

As Brigadier General Lori Robinson of the US Air Force states; “Passion comes from feeling like you’re part of something bigger. It comes from the feeling that you’re part of something you believe in." Lucky for us, our team are passionate about Midson.

As our company leaders still participate in our organisation’s day-to-day activities, it’s this passion that drives the successes and manages the difficulties we inevitably face in the dynamic construction environment.



The 'Why'

At all levels of our team, an important element of our daily thinking at Midson is working by a simple yet over-looked philosophy; understanding the Why that is motivating our clients?

Why do they want to build their project?

And what is the main driver for their investment?

Having a clear sense of Why; sets expectations. If we don’t know the Why and communicate it clearly, then we won’t know what to expect. That causes the minimum expectation; on price, quality, service, features...the ‘commodity stuff’. But when we do have a sense of Why, then we can expect more and the acceptable standard is higher.

We hold ourselves accountable to this important element of our firm’s purpose.


Who We Are

Aside from our highly experienced directors and senior management staff, all personnel employed within the Midson team have been carefully selected to offer valuable skills and expertise to enable the firm to offer a well-rounded construction service to the property industry.

Everyone in the organisation is held accountable to How we do things; to our beliefs, our guiding principles and insisting that everything we say and everything we do, is consistent with our core philosophy.

We take a great deal of time, effort and care to employ team members with a great cultural fit. We do this so you can be confident when working with any Midson employee of their abilities, that they are a conduit to the knowledge of the entire group and can clearly communicate our Why. 



Midson Construction will continually strive to remain the builder of choice to clients, property professionals and sub-contractors alike by understanding the Why? for any project being created. We take professional accountability seriously and have an unwavering commitment to a trusted and professional approach to building practices and quality as well as being on-time and within budget.



Our Vision and Mission lays the important foundation to guide our team towards the Midson purpose, guiding principles and beliefs.

This foundation is regularly communicated internally, often starts the consideration towards any project and is used as a reminder of our reason for coming to work each day.

We employ our team members with this in mind and therefore align the team to the culture we have formed. We have a similar philosophy to that of former CEO of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher who famously said “you don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude” suggesting that you can always develop skills within an employee with the right attitude. This is especially the case with our site managers.

As a result, we now have a very tight-knit and suitably skilled construction team who link their professional abilities and experience together in a friendly and supportive environment. They are responsible for demonstrating our Why to the market and aligning these principles to whatever our company does.

Our company structure is also designed to provide certainty to our team and allows Midson to perform our important role as a collective group, with confidence, support and trust.



Midson Construction will never veer from the commitment to our purpose set out within the Vision Statement. We will also think, act and communicate from the inside out.

By understanding and communicating firstly the Why?, then expertly managing the connection between the needs of the client and the workmanship of the associated professionals and sub-contractors we engage, we will provide a fair, reasonable and positive outcome for all who play an important part of any project we construct.

We do this by the different way we ‘score’ our performance. Whilst we are a commercial entity and require commercial outcomes, it’s the satisfaction of the end customer, the client and the broader construction/property team’s experience with us during the process which guides our success.

To us, Value is a feeling and not simply a calculation.

With this measurement we build the intangibles of trust and loyalty. Trust and loyalty are our true measures of success: they are inherent in what we believe and are reflected in how we behave each and every day.