The professionalism of your staff and the quality of the work undertaken by the contractors and subcontractors...has been exemplary and all at the St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland are excited about the appearance of the completed project

The Midson team were able to deliver a quality outcome within a very tight timeframe, communicated very effectively and handled necessary adjustments to construction elements without drama.

I particularly appreciated the open and willing approach to communication demonstrated by the Midson team.

...we cant be happier with the result.

Their professionalism and competence with regards to cleanliness of the site, clear and open communication, speed and quality of construction and most importantly, their delivery of the finished project which came in under budget, means Im a very happy man.

I even had positive feedback from surrounding businesses during its construction.

As the Architect for the project, I found their communication was always clear and their response times as swift as could be expected.

It certainly made dealing with the tight program pressures a lot easier.

I found them to be a very professional firm and a great group of people. Their site and office teams managed any construction adjustments without any issues and completed the projectt within the tight timeframes that were required. It was also delivered within budget.

They communicate well and understand that working as a team is the best way to deliver a quality project. This is an important element of construction, especially when working on sensitive site like a school.

The entire school and it's stakeholders are very pleased with the workmanship of the finished product; the finishes were spot on and most importantly the project was delivered within our budget.

I cannot recall one dispute in my dealings over the many years of negotiations and site meetings certainly the contracts were not referred to, but rather kept in files.

Midson have always managed their sites very capably which ensured efficient deliveries and clearly communcated detailing information when required.

Their payment is always accurate and timely.

The team at Midson demonstrated their ability to deliver a project to an exceptional standard and within the allotted construction timeframe.

Throughout the construction, the team displayed an open and honest approach to all aspects of the project, ensuring a consolidated effort by all parties to achieve the required outcome.

To their absolute credit, Midson have managed the construction process with a calm approach, strong professionalism and high technical skills. Midson have contracted with a seriously good team of trade contractors, each of whom are top tier from my observations.

By their own expertise and application, Midson have relieved both pmdl and Wesley of a huge amount of potential stress on such a high risk project.

We congratulate Midson for this fantastic result and recommend them highly.

They listen and adapt to the circumstances of each project all the while providing alternatives for more affordable options and quality outcomes.

We look forward to working with Midson Construction on many more projects in the future.

Hy-Tec assessed Midson to be a high-quality client due to their sites being appropriately prepared for our supply, their prompt and on-time payments and this has therefore allowed increases in credit limits and terms.

We deal with a number of builders of similar scale to Midson and we certainly enjoy working within their environment.

Their sites are clean and well managed and their correspondence is always clear and concise.

Our payments were always made on time and any adjustments required on the project were made swiftly and communicated clearly.

We have been involved in the building industry  for over 60 years as hydraulic contractors and in our professional opinion, Midson produce a finished product to an excellent standard.

Midson have been professional in all contract processes, from site management, correspondence, Workplace Health and Safety and payment of accounts.

All the projects have been delivered on time with a high quality of finish for the clients.

We have always found them to be a good group of guys who are easy to deal with, communicate well and help our jobs run smoothly.

I have always found Midsons to be very good to deal with. Their Site Managers organise a good tidy site and their trades respond well to any of their requests.

As architects for the project, we have a close working relationship with Midson aned have found them to be reliable, cooperative and conscientious.

Throughout the project Midson were always professional and respectful to both the client, ourselves and the consultants involved.


Midson Construction has produced a beautiful addition to our buildings.

The Purser Wing expansion ticks all the boxes for a successful project: it came out on time and within budget, and is of the quality we originally envisaged.

I found the team at Midson to be extremely professional...despite several project challenges. Their project team was knowledgeable, diligent and willing and they communicated very well throughout the process.

The final results were top-class; delivered within programme and budget expectations and based on these result, I was more than happy to authorise that Midson enter our project in the Master Builder awards.

From the very first situation where a construction issue was identified, Midson Construction were willing to assist with options to minimise cost and maintain schedule.

The end result of their efforts and attention to detail is the completion of a beautiful building that has enhanced the overall aesthetics of the school.

Your efforts with the construction of our new tuckshop.....have been of immeasurable value to our organisation and Midson Construction have delivered a high-class product.